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By Kathlyn C. White

The Therapist a novel

Short Stories about Parenting, Narcissists, Combat, Abuse and Marriage 

This book is dedicated to all those who suffer from mental disorders and the traumas of life. Everyone represented in this book has been dear to me. They share their short stories to be heard, and I tell these short stories here so there may be a better understanding of the struggles no one talks about. Across our nation and the globe we can see so many people struggling with life, high suicide rates among our veterans and youth, opioid addiction, and COVID they all impact on us in some way. It is my hope these true accounts will help to break the stigma attached to mental health. May this knowledge also help many to be more understanding of themselves and others.

The Therapist is a non-fiction account of the life of a therapist and the many interesting people she has seen over the years. Kathlyn has been a practicing therapist for over thirty years. Kathlyn brings to life the stories of what patients go through who have psychosis, PTSD, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, alcoholism, traumatic brain injuries, violent tendencies, a history of abuse or domestic violence, and other emotional challenges. There are stories about children and adults as mental illness knows no boundaries. She includes stories of what our military persons have gone through during their service in Iraq and Afghanistan. Kathlyn brings insight to the world of the Narcissit and their victims, the world of the Psychopath and their victims, the world of the survivors of these personalities who are so destructive. She also brings to life challenges relating to parenting and offers solutions to parenting challenges. This book also touches on how to make your marriage better. The Therapist will help you to understand other’s struggles and secrets. Reading The Therapist is like taking a step into another’s inner secret world, a world that isn’t often shared with another person. The Therapist takes you where few are allowed.


Kathy White

Kathy is a native Floridian and grew up in West Palm Beach Florida which is about an hour north of Miami. She was the oldest of two. Kathy has her Bachelors in Social Work from Florida State University in Tallahassee. While at FSU Kathy went through ROTC and graduated in 1978 as a Second Lieutenant in the US Army Medical Service Corps.

Her first assignment was at Ft. Benning, Georgia as a Platoon Leader and Adjutant. It was at Ft. Benning that she was married to her husband and they both were lucky enough to be assigned together in Hanau, Germany for three years. Kathy exited the military as a Captain and remained in the Army Reserves for several more years while raising a family and pursing her Masters in Counseling. Shortly after her promotion to Major she elected to leave the reserves to pursue her passion of helping people as a therapist.

Kathy has been a therapist since 1991, over thirty years, and has her own Private Practice office called Carpenter House located in Florida. While this is a small office she employs four other therapists and two administrative support staff that work at Carpenter House and see people of all ages. She has a little Jack Russell Terrier named Tally Ho who is also her therapy dog. Tally goes to work with her everyday to help bring both compassion and cheer to her therapy sessions with her clients.

Kathy recently released her book, The Therapist, Stories of Parenting, Narcissists, Combat, Abuse, and Marriage.  While this is a nonfiction account of the lives of many who live with mental illness, this book reads like a novel and opens your eyes to worlds rarely seen. Kathy both informs and educates the reader on how to deal with oneself, one’s friends, or one’s family members. This is a book that is hard to put down and is God inspired. 

The Therapist is a book I couldn’t put down. I retired from the Air Force Special Operations Command after thirty years and several command tours in wartime. I am the father of five children and grandfather of eight. However, after reading The Therapist by Kathlyn White I have found how naïve I have been to the magnitude of the trauma, PTSD, abuse, and hurting depressed people (some to the point of suicide) that are all around me, yet I have not seen nor recognized them. I was saddened, stunned, and I cried as I read these stories. Thank you Kathy for waking me up and showing me how to recognize hurting people so that I can help get them to the help that they so desperately need. I pray that you never tire in this very vital ministry to the hurting.  

Alan Niedbalski, Colonel, USAF Retired

Excellent book! To better understand the stigma behind mental health, you should educate yourself on how to recognize some of the signs!  How does mental illness affect a person mentally, physically, and emotionally. There are a lot of people struggling with a range of mental health issues and afraid to mention it to anyone! Once you learn as much information as possible, help spread the word by sharing with others to #BreakTheStigma. Encourage others to get help.

Gordon W. Lieutenant Colonel, USA Retired

Behind the scenes of the hidden epidemic of mental illness and trauma. Heart wrenching stories of trauma and severe mental illness told with great compassion and insight. It could be your friend, your cousin, your neighbor. Be kind, you never know what people are going through. 

Debbie G

This is a must read book! In The Therapist every chapter contains powerful tools that can help readers transform their lives and relationships. Creative insights, techniques, and suggested action points are woven into a page turning novel rather than a statistical clinical manual. I only wish I had had the tools in this book sooner. 

Suzanne Niedbalski, Prayer Ministry Leader, Crosspoint

Well written, insightful, and one that will most definitely be recommended to my fellow colleagues in the helping profession, friends, and family!


Heart wrenching stories of trauma and severe mental illness told with great compassion and insight. It could be your friend, your cousin, your neighbor. Be kind, you never know what people are going through.   

Debbie G.

This book was truly an eye-opener for me! Not knowing much about the military I found Kathlyn’s experience with her clients fascinating and sad. Actually, all of her stories about her patients were very much about our world. “The Therapist” is very well written and is one book I will absolutely re-read! I wish that it had been available when I was raising my children! Thank you, Kathlyn, for sharing all of your stories!   

S. Carlson

The Therapist captured my attention with true stories of adults and children from all walks of life. As an Army veteran, I was particularly moved by the stories of male and female veterans challenged by their experiences on the battlefield. Thank you Kathy for bringing these stories to light as well as improvements that the VA needs to make to better serve our veterans.   

Jack T.

Intuitively empathetic! As an adult, who has gone through many situations growing up, I am seeking more understanding about why I am the way I am. And why others are as well. I heard her speak at a recent women’s Bible study and couldn’t wait to get her book. It is definitely worth the read. Don’t hesitate, get it. 

Tina Velez

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